So You Want to Buy a New Car? Some Things to Consider…

Posted Tuesday, Jul 31, 2018

So whether you are a car aficionado or just a commuter trying to get a reliable pre-owned car, truck or SUV to get around town here are some basic but often forgotten things to consider.

What is Your Primary Use for the Car? Is this car just taking you locally around town, then MPG or miles per gallon is not really going to be a concern. Things such as size and utility may be a bigger consideration.

How Long Will You be Keeping the Car? This question always throws people off, Why? most people ask... Well, if you are like my Uncle who buys a new car every 10 years on the dot, then splurging for a nicer vehicle may be well worth the while. Maintenance also comes into consideration. Some cars can and will be very expensive to maintain after 4-5 years, while others just require regular oil changes and a car wash.

Consider this, if you want a Ferrari and are worried about spending too much on gas then you're probably not ready for a car of that caliber and maintenance. Some cars will also depreciate faster than others (depreciate means loses its value year over year). Due to contrary belief not ALL cars lose value. Take a look at high end car auctions, people buy, sell, trade cars, no different that stocks and bonds, you just need to know what you are buying.

Buying a "cheap" car just to get by now may end costing you more in the long run. Quality will always outlast price. Fast Turtle Motors searches for quality FIRST, price it the other way around and you're bound to run into trouble.

Whats your REAL Budget? Just like going to a buffet for the first time in a long time, your eyes may be bigger than your stomach, or in this case, your wallet. Setting a budget first, whether you are paying cash or financing is an important step, no one "buys the shoes first and tries them on later" Figuring out what your realistic monthly spend on a car is important, and really should be one of the top considerations before going out to look for your new car. This will not only help you speed up your search, but will also set realistic expectations on what you really should be spending your time on looking for.

Financing Options to Think Over. There are really only 4 options: Finance with your local bank/credit union, Finance with Fast Turtle Motors, Trade-in or Cash. The first two require a few things from you. A job or some sort of steady income, (30 days worth of pay stubs), last 2 months of bank statements, Driver's License and Current Insurance Card. In any case take into consideration the funds will have to clear before you can take delivery of your new vehicle. In any case if you still are not sure which route to take give us a call and we can help sort out your options.

How Soon Do You Need Your New Car? Planning 30-45 days in advance and doing your research is best, planning too far ahead may lead to "analysis-paralysis" Finding too many cars that you like is just as detrimental as finding only one. If you still can't decide which cars to buy, give us a call and we'll help guide you though the hurdles of finding or at least narrowing down the vehicles that make sense for your particular use and lifestyle.

What is the Title Status of the Car, Truck or SUV? First of all whats a title? A title is the official document that states the ownership of the vehicle. There are various title statuses that vary from state to state within the United States. For our sake, being in California we will go over our state's different statuses. Clean Title is the most common and really the only real ideal choice. There is also Salvaged Titles and Lemon Law Titles.

Find a Car, Truck or SUV you enjoy! This one might seen obvious, but buy a vehicle that makes you smile, buy a vehicle that makes you feel nostalgic! There is no worse feeling than dreading getting into your car. If you plan on keeping you car for years to come the best way to stay attached to your car is a full professional detailing service yearly or bi-yearly depending on the level of use and wear and tear on your car. Not only will it leave you with that new car feeling all over again it will help keep your car in top aesthetic condition for long term value. Ask us about our partnerships with local detailers to help keep your car looking like new!