Understanding What Car Titles Mean to You and to the Car, Truck or SUV.

Posted Tuesday, Jul 31, 2018

Clean Titles are just what they sound like, clean and clear, no blemishes and no negative history, it means that there were not any issues that would adversely affect the value of the vehicle.

Salvage Titles are a grey area and often a coil flip on actual condition. Salvage merely states that at one point in time and insurance company deemed the replacement or repair of the vehicle more than the value of the vehicle itself, (generally if its more than 50% of the cost of the vehicle) i.e. a truck costs $5000 in the fair market, it was damaged, and its repairs are somewhere in the range $2000+ more than likely its not worth it to repair and the insurance company will “total” out the vehicle thus “salvaging” its title. Salvaging could also mean that the car was stolen at one point and lost for a period of time that it was “written off” as a loss (even if it was later recovered) those types of salvage being the “better” of the two, BUT concurrent issues that could salvage the title wont ever be truly known. In short, salvage titles are hard to determine if they were repaired properly and/or which of the two they were, stolen or damaged or both.

People often see value in salvages due to the fact most are a fraction of the price of a clean title vehicle, you can literally get a high priced exotic car for pennies on the dollar compared to a clean title example. A 2018 Nissan GTR is nearly $100,000 brand new, but a 2018 GTR with 3500 miles and a salvaged title may only be $40,000-50,000. Its up to you and doing your due diligence whether you think the discount is worth the risk.

Due to the inconsistency and unknowns we do not touch Salvage Titles with a 10 foot pole!

Lemon Law Buy Backs Often misunderstood these vehicles are bought back by the manufacture for defects that are said to have occurred “3 or more times” without repair, this rarely happens but is limited to new vehicles and their respective manufactures. A car can be “lemon law-ed” for example for a window switch that isn’t working properly and for what cannot be fixed properly or something as major as a engine repair that cannot be adequately repaired.