Quality 1st – Price 2nd | How to Buy Pre-Owned Cars “Right”

Posted Friday, Aug 03, 2018

This commentary reminds me of a conversation I once had with one of my mentors in life. He always said "Q.S.P. pick two" Whats Q.S.P.? Its Quality, Speed and Price, he said you can't have all three you, have to pick two. It was one of those random phrases that quickly put into perspective most things in life I wanted now and cheap.

Fast Forward to Today; it was the second time I had a potential customer ask me "Why are your cars so cheap? Is there something wrong with them?" This truly perplexed me and made me wonder, How many other people think the same thing, that just haven't said anything? This odd thought could be really bad for business. Are customers now thinking my cars are cheap because they are junk?

This brought me back to Q.S.P.  Quality, Speed, Price, could this really be against the common thought process, could you really not get all three? Was it really that big of an anomaly? How can I explain to my customers that its possible to get all three, it just takes some digging.

The question almost offended me, but then I thought about it from the other side of the table, I suppose it could be fishy that prices are so cheap it'd be nearly impossible to get a good quality purchase. Not so, I founded Fast Turtle Motors with the simple premise that I would search for quality cars 1st at the best prices. Its not an impossible task, but very daunting one to say the least.

How can this be done? Thinking back on the Quality, Speed, Price mantra I changed it a little bit to Quality, Selection, Price. Aiming for the best quality first is hard when going shopping for anything pre-owned, its a multi-day per week task to searching though thousands of cars before finding the handful that meet our criteria.

Step 1: Narrow down the type(s) of cars, trucks, or SUV's I'm looking for, for the week, or if specifically requested

Step 2: Search for Best Quality choices out of my finds

Step 3: Narrow down the selection to the most appealing and most optioned vehicles

Step 4: Price them out, which vehicles are the best priced that makes sense for both the customer's pocketbook and Fast Turtle Motors?


How does this all translate?

Well, in true K.I.S. Keep it Simple fashion, Fast Turtle Motors offers No-Haggle Pricing, cut to the chase, get the price down as much as I can and make ends meet by selling Quantity, Selection AND at a Great Price.

We are working on getting a bigger Selection going, BUT in the meantime if you have a specific Car, Truck or SUV we can search for that Q.S.P. vehicle for you!

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” – Benjamin Franklin

We found a way to mate both! - Fast Turtle Motors