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Need Used Car Financing Fast? Tired of the run around with negotiations? At Fast Turtle Motors we price the cars 10-15% BELOW market value, our no haggle pricing gets you the best deal upfront fast. Don’t believe us? Check Kelly Blue Book, our cars are often priced at wholesale levels! We are only able to do this because we limit our overhead expenses. We have a simple and clean warehouse and office setup, that helps keep costs down that we pass on to our buyers.

We have over 25 different banks including credit unions to choose from depending on your credit score, down payment, and over all credit history.

Rest assured we can get you financed.

What Do I need to Bring?

  1. Last 30 days worth of paycheck stubs
  2. Valid CA Drivers License
  3. Last 2 months of bank Statements (All pages)
  4. Proof of residency, utility bill, or lease agreement.

If you think you may need a co signer, please make sure they are present and have the same necessary documentation.

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